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Business/Investor Visa

New Zealand has a flexible business visa system designed to cater to most business people’s needs. Below you will find both short term and long term business visa options.

Short term business visitors

Those visiting New Zealand as a sales representative, overseas buyer, or a business visitor attending business meetings or negotiations can apply for a standard Visitor visa, which usually allows the holder to stay in New Zealand for up to 3 months, but does not allow them to take up employment.

Long term business visas

New Zealand is keen to attract experienced investors and entrepreneurs to the country, and have several visa streams for this purpose. These visa categories each have a minimum investment requirement, ranging from NZ $100,000 for the Entrepreneur Work visa, to NZ $10 million for the Investor Plus visa category.

  • The Entrepreneur Work visa allows skilled business people with at least NZ $100,000 of investment funds to set up a business in New Zealand. After either 6 months or 2 years Entrepreneur Work visa holders can apply for permanent residence. 

  • The Investor Plus visa (Investor 1 category) allows business people who can invest a minimum of NZ $10 million over a 3 year period to gain permanent residence. 

  • The Investor visa (Investor 2 Category) allows experienced business people who can invest a minimum of NZ $1.5 million in New Zealand over a 4 year period to gain permanent residence.

Further Information, help, and advice

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