Family Visa

Family Visa

UK family visas are a category of UK entry and residence authorizations that are issued to those who want to establish a permanent family life with their UK resident family members.

Different ways of UK Family Visa:

1) As a spouse or partner of a UK resident.
2) As a parent of a UK resident.
3) As a child of a UK resident.
4) As a sickened, disabled or aged relative in need for long-term care from a UK resident.
5) On the basis of a private life.
6) As a widowed partner of a former UK resident.
7) As a separated spouse or partner.

You cannot get a UK family visa if your circumstances are as follows:

1) You’re already in the UK with a UK work visa, or a UK temporary student visa.
2) You’re living in the UK with a UK visitor visa with validity period of 6 months or less. The rule doesn’t apply for UK visitor marriage visa, or if you’re awaiting for a final court decision on a family or divorce matter.

What are the UK Family Visa Types?

Spouse Visa
Parent Visa
Child Visa
Family visa for an adult who needs a long-run care by a relative
Family visa on the basis of your private life
Settle in the UK if Your Partner Dies
Visa as a separated or divorced dependent partner

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