Immigrate Visa

Immigrate Visa

As opposed to non-immigrant visas that are temporary and expire after a defined time period, a Green Card (really they are blue and pink) confers on its holder the right to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. There are three basic avenues to obtain a Green Card.

Foreigners with an intention to come to India must carry valid passports of their country of origin and a valid Indian Visa.  Any foreign national without a visa bearing apt validity dates and number of entries is subject to instant deportation.

  1. Immigrant: An immigrant is a person who moves or migrates from any country to India for long-term permanent residence/ long term residence.
  2. on Immigrant: Any person who visits another country for short term purpose i.e. tourists, visitors, holiday makers, official etc. fall into the category of non-immigrants.
  3. verseas Citizenship of India card: OCI Card is provided to foreigners of Indian origin (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) subject to meeting of certain conditions. It allows the person to hold dual citizenship i.e. of India and of the foreign country, provided its nationality allows dual citizenship.
  4. Indian Citizenship: In accordance to Citizenship Act, 1955; Indian citizenship can be obtained by birth, descent, registration and naturalization.