A transit visa is a visa that is valid for a very short period. Depending on your nationality and destination country, you may need to have a transit visa to make a connection in a foreign airport or cross through a foreign country.

An airport transit visa allows a traveler to pass through the international zone of an airport, without entering the country’s territory. Please note: not all foreign travelers are subject to this regulation. Contact the embassy of your connection country for precise information.  

The short stay visa is granted to a traveler who intends to go from one non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country by crossing through the territory of France or any other Schengen member country. The visa may be valid for 1 or several crossings of a maximum duration of up to 5 days each.

Prior to departure, we recommend that you check the entry and travel regulations for your destination countries. If you do not respect these regulations, you must pay any fees or fines charged to Air France by the authorities.